Letter to Myself

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This is what I would tell my 14 year old self if I was given the chance, however, I don’t think my fourteen year old self would listen.

Dear 14 year old self,
You lived through high school, surprisingly enough. It isn’t so bad either. Your Junior and Senior year, you only have to go half a day. That may be what saved us, or you, or the future you, I suppose. We always want information about our future, so this is what you’re getting. After high school, you make it to college. You’re tempted to make a fool of yourself on a regular basis, but most of the time your reason and good judgment win. In college, we have done some crazy things. You’ll get hurt by a friend, only to find that that hurt will lead you to something amazing. All in a single semester, you will become a different, more mature person.

Why am I telling you all of this, knowing that you will eventually find out? Because I want you to realize what I couldn’t. Everything that happens is just a building block to make you into the person that you can be happy with. Don’t grow up to fast. Don’t hate the world, because the rest of the world is standing in similar shoes to the ones you are wearing now, trying hard to become who they need to be. Spend more time doing what you love, and being who you are. Welcome to your life.
–Your older, wiser self.

It’s surprising to me that not only does this letter apply to my fourteen year old self, it also applies to my now twenty year old self. To slow down and take life as it comes at you is something that has been drilled into every young child by their parents, and this drilling was no different in my life. For some reason the lesson just doesn’t seem to stick. Instead of slowing down or just existing at a normal speed, I feel like I am constantly adding new things to my list and life’s pace seems to always be set at fast.

How do we gain control over our lives? Better yet, how do we gain control over our own choices? How do we who live life at super speed learn to say no and slow down?

Well, that is a question for another day, and another blog.


About Me

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A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.
–William Shedd

My name is CC, and here are a few things you might find interesting about me:


My hair color changes sporadically. I’ve been to Ireland once, and I can’t wait to go back! I’m a city girl with a country accent that won’t go away. I love to read and write.I’m also into photography..English is my major and I have a minor in Creative Writing and I want to teach at a college level… I have my cosmetology license, and I work way to much at a salon. I have found some of my best friends in the form of coworkers. I am a Senior at UCA. I absolutely love it. I lean slightly towards reclusive, but I am what I am. I have big dreams. I’m very laid back, but not a pushover. I have strong convictions. I don’t like the way the world is, but don’t know how to change it. I live for a good book and a cup of coffee or tea. I have a list of things that I want to do before I die, a really long list…I can’t wait to get to heaven. I love to smile and laugh, and hate being in a bad mood. When I am in a bad mood, it is typically because my OCD has kicked in. My family is crazy, but I wouldn’t want them to be any other way. I refuse to change for the people around me. I am who I am, and I will change myself when I see that I need to. Stupid people tick me off, but it’s even worse when they are pretending. Being mean just for the heck of it is a sign of either incompetence or jealousy, I’m not sure which. Sometimes, I’m my own enemy. It happens though, right?

*Likes* Reading, writing, taking pictures, rain, sun, SNOW!, painting my fingernails, doing hair, meeting new people, working, running, playing games, eating, teaching, tutoring, books, poetry, sweet songs, stressful situations, a clean room, my dog, someone actually understanding what I’m talking about when i get excited, Someone understanding when I start asking myself question after question until I figure out the answer without trying to tell me the answer, adrenaline rushes, screaming songs, life, Shakespeare, the Blues, driving fast, QUOTES…

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