Day 21-26: Catch UP

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I know, I know. I’m behind. Luckily for you all, I’m very good at catching up. This will be a whirlwind of information that will leave you feeling like you’ve only seen snapshots of my life instead of reading my autobiography. It is what it is.

Day 21: Write about your most embarrassing moments.

In the same way that it is difficult to make me angry, it is also difficult to embarrass me. I think I am most embarrassed when I think that I am right, only to be proven wrong. When I was young, I was always right. Now that I’m a little bit older, I rarely ever take a side on anything because I realize that right and wrong aren’t always exclusive.

Day 22: What is your style?

If you had asked me this question in high school, I would have had to answer punk/goth. It’s kind of funny that I thought I was so “hardcore” when now I’m just normal. I really love the hipster look, so I would probably associate myself with that.

Day 23: Write about one of your guilty pleasures.

Chips and Salsa. Hands down. I could almost eat chips and salsa for breakfast. You all know that I am fairly healthy. I eat clean most of the time (excluding holidays, I am from the South remember). I love salty chips paired with super hot salsa. It is what it is. Another guilty pleasure is the movie Legally Blonde, but we’ve already talked about that.

Day 24: Write about your day.

Christmas Eve was a whirlwind of packing to go to Orlando. For Christmas this year my mother and father-in-law  purchased the entire family a trip to Universal Studios in Florida. That’s right, I got to go to Harry Potter Land.
PicCollageI almost cried when I walked into HP Land. It was like coming home. I know you think I’m being dramatic, but I cannot explain to you how much Harry Potter meant to me growing up and how much it means to me now as an adult. We had butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks and rode a couple of dragons. I decided that Slytherin should be my house, even though I don’t like my house’s bad name. I got a Slytherin mug and Nathan got a Ravenclaw mug, we both got scarves for our house, and we got a Hogwart’s crest blanket. It was amazing and I loved every minute of it.

Day 25: If you could meet one fictional character, whom would it be?

This is the post that will be most difficult for me, mainly because I have no idea how to choose just one. If I said Dumbledore, I would want to say McGonagall; if I said Harry, I would need to include Ron, Hermione, and Ginny. So I’m going to exclude Harry Potter from my list of characters. Doing that makes it a smaller list, but still huge. Would I meet Tom Sawyer and ask him about growing up? Or Kendra and Seth in the Fablehaven Series? There are all the characters in The Great Tree of Avalon series that I fell in love with growing up, as well as Ben and Sorrel and Firedrake in Dragon Rider by Funke. Most recently, there is Alba in The House at the End of Hope Street, so much like me and so different all at once. I just can’t decide. I have read too many books and had too many characters help me find my way to choose just one.

Day 26:Explain why you chose your username.

When I become a published author, I will still teach. I am Mrs. Bazyk at school and as an author I will be C.C. Riley.

This is where I will stop for today. Tomorrow I will catch up the rest of the way. Again, I’m sorry for all the posts all at once, but a family emergency caused me to need to leave town unexpectedly. I will happily tell you all that all is well. Happy Christmas, and any other holiday that you may find yourself celebrating.


May Bird and the Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson

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Occasionally, I will read a book that reminds me of my childhood. Sometimes it will be a character, others a setting. Basically any and all private school backdrops resonate with me. In May Bird and the Ever After, I fell in love with May Bird. I swear Anderson knew me as a child and wanted to write a book about me. I love it. I’m not even done with it, and yet here I am blogging about it.

May Bird is an outcast in her community, in the world of mean girls she is imaginative and interesting, two things that normally don’t top the list of qualities that make a girl popular. She also has a cat, named Somber Kitty, who is interesting to say the least. He’s a hairless Rex, and he isn’t helping her on her climb to the top. Basically, he’s the coolest cat in the world. I want a Somber Kitty.

May Bird, in her search for something to do in her small and boring town, finds a letter that was mailed to her in 1951. Crazy, right? She takes the letter seriously, because someone in that letter believes in her enough to ask for her help. And believe me, help is on the way.

Now, the rest of the story is extremely fulfilling, and I will most likely update you about it. However, my best encouragement is for you to go to B&N or whatever bookseller you prefer, and pick up a copy. You won’t be disappointed. =)

Favorite Lines Thus Far:
“But even though May was tired this morning, she wasn’t sleepy. It was the kind of day where the world seemed full of promise. The dragonflies were humming, and the sun beating on the porch made the wood smell woodsy. It felt like a Day that Meant Something” (26).

“There, sitting on her bed, with its back to her, was a figure. Stretched out to one side, its long, white fingers drummed against the windowsill, while the other hand seemed to be tucked up in front of it, as if it was supporting its chin. Its body was long and skinny, covered by a long, ragged shirt and a pair of ripped pants, and its head, from what May could see of it, was enormous and round like a pumpkin, with a tuft of hair up top. Through the figure’s body, the round orb of the moon and the trees below were completely visible. He was like a piece of light” (38).

More to come later. Now, go read something, or do something, but enjoy yourselves.

I would post a picture of the book, but MarsEdit is causing me great difficulties right now. I’m feeling a temper tantrum coming. =)

Working Through the Crazy

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My life is a crazy hectic mess of class, internship, work, homework, and a serious deprivation of sleep. Every time I have a brilliant idea for a story or a blog, I’m in the middle of one of those previously mentioned obligations (and considering the amount of times that I have one of those brilliant moments, I really should own a pause world remote so I can write this down).What I’m learning, more and more every day, is that what I write about doesn’t really matter. When a story comes to me, I’ll have something then, but until that point, what is most important to me is to write.

Even though my life is at its craziest right now, I realize that writing is my escape. Immersing myself in a world of my own creation is like living a dream every day. I may not be published, and I may never be, but the one thing that can never be taken away from me is the sense of peace that I get from simply starting a sentence, and watching that sentence become a paragraph, become a page, become a world.

I recently found one of my old stories that I left unfinished and decided to work on it some more. It will be a children’s book, geared probably for the tweens. This story is about a ten year old girl named Jess. I started this story a few years ago and slightly modeled the character after a few of my family members. When I recently opened up what little I had gotten around to writing, I realized that it definitely was not up to my current standards, but I had a direction, I had an idea, and I now have a purpose. I’m doing a bit of outlining now, and hopefully said outlining will lead to an awesome story of a girl’s curiosity. (No, it won’t end for Jess like it ended for the poor cat.)