Day 20: What are your hobbies and why do you like them?

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For people who work only 40 hours per week (and who still gets to do that anyway?), that person will work 30% of his life. Another 30% is spent sleeping. What we do with that other 40% is completely up to us. 

For December Challenge day 20, you get to hear all about mine and Madi’s hobbies, and if you are my student reading this, prepare to see how boring I actually am. 

So my number one hobby is writing. I would like this hobby to eventually become a source of income for myself. Eve if it doesn’t, it wouldn’t matter. One day my children will inherit all of my journals and they can read all about me and whom I was and whom I wanted to be. 

I also count exercise as a hobby, mainly because I really enjoy it. I’m happy that I have met my weight loss goals and how I exercise (running and yoga are my favorites) because it makes me happy. It really isn’t something that I struggle with anymore. 

Remodeling and redecorating the house ranks in the top five because that is something that Nathan and I can do together. We get to spend time together and make our home more beautiful. Right now we’re in the middle of planning a kitchen remodel. 

Reading is another “hobby” but like writing I could never give it up. Ever. I love the feeling of being transported to another place and time, of meeting new people and being inspired. Experience equals wisdom, but reading helps you get ahead of the game. 

So, a few hobbies from me should equal a few hobbies from you! What are your hobbies? 


Running is a Passion, because I say it is.

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I will be a runner. I will be a runner. I will get healthy and I will be happy with myself again.

This is what I tell myself on the last stretch of my morning mile. That last two- or three-tenths of a mile are the hardest. I’m training to run in a halloween race that is only 1.8 miles and I’m also wanting to start running some 5k races. I know I won’t necessarily win and at first I will probably be lucky to finish, but this is something that I feel like I need to do for me.

My day now starts at 6:15 instead of 7 and I’m adjusting quite well. I’m always grumpy until my first cup of coffee and after that I’m usually ready to go. This morning is a bit more difficult than most because I haven’t run this weekend. I take Saturday and Sunday off, which might change this next weekend. It doesn’t do much for my mental drive.

Today is also a day of no work. All I will do today is run and then do homework for the next day. It really is all that I plan on doing. I got a little bit behind but I will catch up today.

Anyways, wish me luck, and the same to you.